BadgerDAO werkt samen met Yearn Finance om veilige Bitcoin-kluizen te ontwikkelen

  • Beveiligde BTC kluizen komen naar Yearn via BadgerDAO.
  • Liquiditeit beloningen aangekondigd voor tokenized bitcoin deposito’s.
  • BADGER stijgt 65% in de afgelopen zeven dagen.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol BadgerDAO is een samenwerking aangegaan met yield aggregator Yearn Finance om de ontwikkeling van bitcoin (BTC) vaults voor gebruik in DeFi te versnellen.

De samenwerking, aangekondigd op 11 februari, heeft als doel om de duurzame vault expertise van Yearn Finance naar Badger te brengen. Het voegde eraan toe dat het een stap is om de fondsen van gebruikers verder te beveiligen, aangezien het protocol doorgaat met het introduceren van meer door Yearn ontwikkelde, onderhouden en beveiligde kluizen voor zijn gebruikers.

De aankondiging verklaarde dat veiligheid een grote prioriteit was in de toekomst en het wilde minder vertrouwen op tokenbeloningen om opbrengst voor gebruikers te genereren.

“Met meer dan $ 2,3 miljard gestort in ons vault product is het van cruciaal belang dat we samenwerken met protocollen zoals Yearn om onze vaults verder te beveiligen terwijl we blijven innoveren.”

Bitcoin naar DeFi brengen

Badger’s vlaggenschip product is de Sett vault waarin gebruikers verschillende soorten tokenized bitcoin kunnen storten, zoals wBTC, renBTC, of tBTC, om een geautomatiseerde opbrengst te genereren. Het tweede product is DIGG, een synthetische rebasing van bitcoin met behulp van een elastische voorraad cryptocurrency die gekoppeld is aan de prijs van BTC.

De blog post voegde eraan toe dat jaar-ontwikkelde BTC kluizen zullen worden gepresenteerd in de Badger app en worden gestimuleerd met BADGER en DIGG beloningen die elke twee uur opeisbaar zijn. Bestaande Sett vaults zullen worden gemigreerd naar Yearn waardoor Badger kan profiteren van verhoogde CRV beloningen, terwijl het deelt in vergoedingen die momenteel niet beschikbaar zijn voor die vault.

De twee DeFi protocollen zullen ook samenwerken om een nieuwe WBTC vault te bouwen, waarbij de fees van de nieuwe vaults gedeeld zullen worden tussen de Badger en Yearn protocollen.

Beloningen voor ontwikkelaars staan ook hoog op de prioriteitenlijst van Badger, en het verklaarde dat 15% van de totale voorraad tokens naar het Badger developer mining programma zal gaan, dat momenteel wordt gewaardeerd op $258 miljoen. CoinGecko meldt een circulerende voorraad van BadgerDAO’s governance token van 2,5 miljoen op een maximum van 21 miljoen.

BADGER Token Prijs Update

Dat governance token heeft een kleine winst gemaakt in de afgelopen 24 uur om $ 80 te bereiken, dat is net naast zijn all-time high van $ 87 hit op 9 februari.

In de afgelopen zeven dagen heeft BADGER ongeveer 65% verdiend en zijn maandelijkse winst is een monumentale 900%. Aan het begin van dit jaar werd het token verhandeld tegen slechts $7,50.

In termen van onderpand vergrendeld, meldt DeFi Pulse dat BadgerDAO naar de achtste plaats is gestegen met een TVL die een all-time high van $ 2 miljard heeft bereikt.

YFI is ondertussen 6% gedaald op de dag om te handelen op ongeveer $36.000.

Now DeFi cops start roaring

Gamestop madness continues: now DeFi cops start roaring

Even the ever-loud crypto space has been flooded with commentary about the Gamestop (GME) saga playing out in the traditional financial world right now.

For those who missed it, here’s a quick recap:

  • Gamestop, the video game retailer, was shorted more than 140 per cent of its stock price by large hedge funds in anticipation that the stock would go down.
  • Small investors on WallStreetBets, the famous stock trading subreddit, became aware of the trend and began buying call options on the stock.
  • The stock began to shoot upwards on its way into 2021, culminating in a massive squeeze to the upside last week.
  • Due to the fact that there were so many stock shorts of GME, those who held these positions went underwater.
    Some short sellers had to close their positions or were taken out of the market by other companies.

Due to the high demand and uncertainty about the legitimacy and risk of Gamestop’s share price performance, brokerage Bitcoin Superstar houses have started to stop trading GME across the US.

It is by far the biggest financial story of 2021, and crypto investors, especially DeFi bulls, are taking this trend as a sign that on-chain financial applications are the future.

Economist Alex Kruger put it well when he said:

“Great thread about WSB and RobinHood. The problem: the system is rigged. The solution: decentralised finance. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.”

The sense that the system is “rigged” comes as WallStreetBets and traders in the ecosystem run into problems using platforms – from Discord and Reddit to trading platforms like Robinhood itself.

DeFi, by comparison, is considered trustworthy and fair because it cannot decide whether users trade or not. Instead, the qualifications one has to interact with different platforms, whether that is Uniswap on Ethereum (Go to Buy Ethereum Guide) or another app on a new blockchain, are based on their ability to pay the transaction fee.

Even if the Gamestop saga doesn’t directly drive capital to DeFi, many have noted that it shows how much room the decentralised financial space has to grow.

Santiago Roel Santos, chief executive at ParaFi Capital, put it nicely when he noted that Gamestop’s market cap (at least at the height of yesterday’s rally) was practically larger than all the DeFi coins currently in circulation.

The total market cap of DeFi is still less than Gamestop $GME

One is a struggling Dallas-based video game retailer, the other is core infrastructure of a new global, decentralized financial system.
– Santiago R Santos (@santiagoroel) January 27, 2021

For context: market data shows there is around $36 billion worth of capital in DeFi. This is only a few percent of the circulating cryptocurrency market capitalisation.

Will central banks hold Bitcoin in 2021?

Alex Krüger has changed his mind about the adoption of bitcoin by the central bank (BC).

He posted a tweet about it, talking about adopting The News Spy over gold.

Krüger even sees a modest entry into the market as having a huge effect

Renowned cryptocurrency trader and founder of Aike Capital, Alex Krüger, tweeted on January 1 that the bitcoin-gold relationship needed a closer look.

Sooner or later central banks (CBs) will hold bitcoins , says Krüger. The reason, he says, has to do with gold and the way central banks treat it.

In a series of tweets, Krüger shows how the demand for gold has changed in 2020.

I changed my mind.

Major central banks will eventually hold #Bitcoin as a reserve asset.

So let’s explore what central bank demand for gold looks like .

Habits are hard to change

Krüger begins by showing that central bank demand for gold has remained stable for much of the past ten years. However, it dropped dramatically in 2020. It also draws attention to the fact that adding liquidity pushes up gold prices.

So who bought gold? Without going into detail on why CBs have reduced their gold consumption so much, Krüger points out that institutional investors dominated demand in 2020. Jewelry, on the other hand, has fallen, as demand is price sensitive. .

Vasco Token succeeds in Bitcoin market and exchange trades R$ 1.2 million of currency on first day

About 1,200 Vasco Token units were sold in only 24 hours.

The launch of Vasco Token last Tuesday (8) was a success in the Bitcoin Market. According to the exchange director, Fabrício Tota, in only 24 hours were traded around $ 1.2 million of the currency created.

Created in partnership between Mercado Bitcoin and Vasco da Gama, in total there are 500 thousand units of Vasco Token. The currency was created as a way to ‘tokenize’ soccer players that were revealed by the carioca club.

Mercado Bitcoin prepares partnership announcement with Vasco da Gama

So, with the unitary value of $ 100, in total were sold 1,200 units of Vasco Token on the first day of trading in the Bitcoin Market. The launch of the currency listing was announced in a live on Youtube, which counted with the presence of the crack Romário.

Bitcoin Market sells R$ 1.2 million

Just on the first trading day Vasco Token surpassed US$ 1 million on sales at Bitcoin Market. With 1,200 units sold to exchange clients, the currency will continue to be traded by the platform.

According to Fabrício Tota, until the end of 2021 the Bitcoin Market expects to trade US$ 10 million in Vasco Tokens. In other words, 100 thousand currency units can still be sold in the next three weeks.

Vasco spends all the sponsorship of R$ 10 million from the Bitcoin Market to pay debts

The director of Mercado Bitcoin says the initiative may attract fans of the Rio club. Thus, Tota hopes that the ‘tokenization’ of players can be used in other soccer teams, besides Vasco da Gama.

“I believe we will exceed 100,000 tokens. Our expectation is to offer a new investment product for customers and fans while offering a smart solution for the finances of Vasco and other clubs in the future”.

Vasco Token is a success

Vasco Token is making a success in the Bitcoin Market, attracting even new users to the exchange. Although part of the holders of the Vasco da Gama currency are fans of the soccer team, Tota points out that former customers also decided to bet on the token.

Mercado Bitcoin and Vasco da Gama announce unprecedented partnership that will token players’ right to sell

Thus, old and new customers of the Bitcoin Market bought Vasco Token for the first time this Tuesday (8). According to the Bitcoin Digital Assets Market project proposal, Vasco Token can offer some kind of return.

“We are not only serving new customers, many people from the customer base liked the token and bought it”.

Romário participated in live about currency

For Fabrício Tota, currencies such as Vasco Token are aimed at investors considered moderate in the market. In this case, these investors prefer to have some kind of “return with some predictability”, differently of the cryptomo currencies, for instance.

“The tokens that we have created at MB Digital Assets reach a new public, more used to investments with a return with some predictability. Cryptoactives bring solutions for all tastes and this is very important, it is really the future, actually the present, of the financial market infrastructure”.

To inaugurate the launch of Vasco Token, the former player Romário was invited to a live of the Bitcoin Market, which also had the presence of Fabrício Tota. Together with the star, Roberto Dinamite and Ricardo Rocha remembered moments of performance in Vasco da Gama.

Czy Bitcoin pozostanie silny? Analitycy ważą się

Bitcoin rośnie ostatnio, ostatnio po raz pierwszy od około trzech lat udało mu się przekroczyć granicę 19 000 dolarów. Jeszcze bardziej imponujący jest fakt, że bitcoin tam pozostaje, a kilku ekspertów branżowych teraz się zastanawia .

Analitycy uważają, że Bitcoin będzie nadal rósł

W większości nastroje wydają się być optymistyczne, a wielu analityków twierdzi, że bitcoin prawdopodobnie utrzyma swój obecny wzrost w nadchodzącym roku. Waluta żyje wysoko dzięki temu, że dolar amerykański i inne formy fiducjarnych spadają na twarz dzięki rozprzestrzenianiu się pandemii koronawirusa , która pustoszy rynki finansowe od połowy marca.

Peter Smith – CEO i współzałożyciel giełdy kryptowalut – uważa, że ​​bitcoin zostanie tutaj. Choć początkowo mógł być „wielkim eksperymentem”, obecnie ugruntował się jako główna „bezpieczna przystań” i narzędzie do zabezpieczenia majątku. Jest przekonany, że waluta przetrwa, a adopcja wkrótce osiągnie nowe maksima.

W niedawnym wywiadzie skomentował:

Od 2017 roku i później bitcoiny stały się nieuniknione. Postaw na nieuchronność bitcoina.

Paolo Ardoino – CTO w giełdzie kryptowalut Bitfinex – przedstawił podobne słownictwo, wspominając, że jego zdaniem nic nie może potencjalnie obniżyć poziomu bitcoina z obecnego wysokiego poziomu. On mówi:

Żadna ilość cynizmu, niedowierzania czy nawet fantastycznego myślenia nie przesłania przekonującego argumentu za bitcoinem. Globalni zarządzający aktywami będą nadal odpowiednio rekalibrować swoje portfele.

Innymi słowy, coraz więcej osób prawdopodobnie doda bitcoiny do swoich portfeli w nadchodzących latach, biorąc pod uwagę, że aktywa nie są już wykorzystywane tylko do spekulacji.

Anthony Denier – dyrektor generalny platformy handlowej Webull – mówi, że coraz więcej ludzi zaczyna mniej interesować się standardowymi aktywami – tj. Złotem, metalami szlachetnymi, akcjami itp. – i inwestuje swoje pieniądze w krypto i bitcoiny. On wspomina:

Jeśli ludzie wyciągają pieniądze ze złota i umieszczają je w bitcoinach, może to dać więcej paliwa dla rajdu bitcoinów.

Simon Peters ze sławy e-Toro skomentował, że pojawiło się wiele znaków technicznych sugerujących, że bitcoin prawdopodobnie stanie się jeszcze silniejszy i większy w nadchodzących tygodniach i miesiącach. Stwierdza:

Jeśli utrzymamy obecny wzrost, to na kartach pojawi się 25 000 dolarów przed początkiem 2021 roku. Nastąpi sprzedaż po 20000 USD, co może oznaczać krótki ruch wstecz, ale jeśli bitcoin wzruszy ramionami i będzie nadal rosnąć, to sylwester z 25000 USD jest do wzięcia.

Zasób stał się stabilny

Glen Goodman – autor książki „The Crypto Trader” – twierdzi, że „tulipanowa mania” stojąca za BTC już minęła, a waluta naprawdę umocniła swoją reputację jako głównego nurtu aktywów. On mówi:

Obecnie nie ma mowy o „tulipomanii” w okresie boomu 2017 roku. Kiedy pękła historyczna bańka tulipanów holenderskich, nigdy się nie podniosła, a bitcoin pokazał, że ma prawdziwą siłę przetrwania.

Staking for Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) coming soon to Coinbase

The Coinbase exchange will offer a staking service for Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) to its users from 2021. Coinbase will also introduce trading between ETH and ETH2.

Ethereum 2.0 lands on Coinbase

Today, December 1, 2020, the first phase of Ethereum 2.0 will launch . This event initiates a multi-year upgrade for the network. Over the next few years, the Ethereum 2.0 chain will gradually gain ascendancy over the original Ethereum chain.

This significant update marks the transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). Thus, holders of Ethers (ETH) have the possibility of staking their coins, in order to receive rewards in return. For the moment, staking on Ethereum 2.0 remains complex and is not accessible to everyone.

Special technical knowledge is necessary and above all, the minimum Bitcoin Union required to be eligible for staking is 32, the equivalent of 19,200 dollars at the current price.

It is for this reason that the Coinbase exchange has just announced that it will be offering ETH staking to its users from 2021 .

For some time to come, the ETH1 and ETH2 coins will coexist in the ecosystem, and will be quite separate entities. This is why Coinbase users will be able to convert their ETH1 to ETH2 in order to earn staking rewards.

At this time, Coinbase has not yet communicated on the minimum amount of ETH2 needed to be eligible for staking. Anyway, this service is good news for ETH holders, who will have access to staking with some simplicity .

A clear will of Coinbase

It is quite surprising that Coinbase is taking such a lead on the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 . Historically, the American exchange is often among the last in its class to take such initiatives. Often, Coinbase belatedly expresses its support for the hard fork or airdrop of a cryptocurrency .

However, the enthusiasm around Ethereum 2.0 is such that all platforms have a particular interest in offering services of this type to their users. Coinbase says it itself, the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 is a major milestone for Ethereum for the entire cryptocurrency community.

“Ethereum 2.0 intends to solve two of the biggest challenges in blockchain development: limited scalability and high gas prices. Over the course of two years, the Ethereum community plans to increase scalability and migrate the current Ethereum chain to the Ethereum 2.0 chain, ”Coinbase points out.

In the days that follow, other platforms will most certainly make similar statements. Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, KuCoin, OKEx, Huobi, all should theoretically set up a similar service for their users.

If you are interested in ETH staking, be sure to read the various conditions beforehand . For example, those participating in the launch of Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 cannot touch their ETH for several months, or even years.

Stablecoins “Pose Serious Risks” to Financial Security

Stablecoins “Pose Serious Risks” to Financial Security, ECB’s Lagarde Says

Stabilne monety mogłyby “zagrozić bezpieczeństwu finansowemu”, gdyby zostały powszechnie przyjęte, powiedziała prezes Europejskiego Banku Centralnego Christine Lagarde w artykule opublikowanym w poniedziałek w magazynie L’ENA hors les murs.

W artykule tym Lagarde opowiada się za cyfrowym euro, rzucając jednocześnie cień na potencjalnych rywali, takich jak Bitcoin Up kryptokursy i stabilne monety – cyfrowe aktywa, których wartości są powiązane z walutami stałymi.

Lagarde powiedział, że główne ryzyko związane z walutami kryptokurczliwymi jest cechą, którą zwolennicy kryptoideł uważają za zaletę, a mianowicie, że kryptoidy opierają się wyłącznie na technologii i że nie ma identyfikowalnego emitenta lub roszczenia. W rezultacie, Lagarde powiedział, że waluty kryptońskie cierpią na brak płynności, stabilności i zaufania, a zatem “nie spełniają wszystkich funkcji pieniądza”.
Subskrybuj Blockchain Bites, nasze codzienne aktualizacje z najnowszymi historiami.
Zapisując się, będziesz otrzymywać e-maile o produktach CoinDesk i zgadzasz się na nasze warunki i politykę prywatności.

Zauważając, że stabilne monety próbują naprawić te problemy i mogą być motorem innowacji w płatnościach, “stanowią one poważne ryzyko” – powiedział Lagarde.

“Wykorzystanie stabilcoins jako magazynu wartości może spowodować duże przesunięcie depozytów bankowych do stabilcoins, co może mieć wpływ na działalność banków i transmisję polityki pieniężnej” – dodał szef EBC.

Lagarde powiedział również, że jeśli emitent stabilcoinów nie może zagwarantować stałej wartości lub nie jest postrzegany jako zdolny do absorpcji strat, może to spowodować run.

Przeczytaj więcej: W styczniu 2021 roku Libra planuje wprowadzenie na rynek stabilizowanych monet w dolarach

Lagarde powiedział, że “szczególnie te wspierane przez globalne firmy technologiczne (…) mogą również stanowić zagrożenie dla konkurencyjności i technologicznej autonomii w Europie”. Libra została po raz pierwszy ogłoszona na Facebooku w czerwcu 2019 r., a obecnie ma zostać uruchomiona w styczniu 2021 r. w ograniczonym zakresie, jak wynika z niedawnego raportu “Financial Times”.

“Ich dominująca pozycja może zaszkodzić konkurencji i wyborom konsumentów oraz wzbudzić obawy dotyczące prywatności danych i niewłaściwego wykorzystania danych osobowych” – powiedział Lagarde o stabilnych monetach wspieranych przez Big Tech.

‘Coordinated media FUD’ about Bitcoin from Financial Times to Fox Business

In light of Bitcoin’s recent price rally, mainstream media has started to cover the industry again, but remain unconvinced it’s a true store of value.

Mainstream media outlets are finally reporting on the recent rally that saw Bitcoin creep close to its all-time high — but some commentators appear to be determined to spread FUD.

Two articles released within hours of each other earlier today — a Financial Times editorial titled “The elusive promise of Bitcoin,” and a Fox Business piece called “Bitcoin no match for gold in coronavirus world” — state that Bitcoin Up does not live up to its promise as a store of value.

There appears to be coordinated media FUD aimed at #bitcoin today – 2 articles in major media. As bitcoin succeeds, expect this FUD to intensify, well beyond reporting.

— Timothy Peterson (@nsquaredcrypto) November 19, 2020

The Financial Times focused on Bitcoin’s volatility, stating that its “status as a safe haven is more theoretical than anything else.” The editorial claims “there are no fundamentals on which to base a judgment of Bitcoin’s value. Its current price just reflects what people are willing to spend on it.”

The piece wasn’t all bad, pointing out that a major factor in Bitcoin’s recent rise was mainstream adoption, noting options on Chicago Mercantile Exchange and PayPal offering crypto sales to all U.S. residents. It goes on to say that Bitcoin’s price may continue to rise due to “the weakening of the dollar” and suggests that it is “because the Federal Reserve has done such a good job meeting the world’s need for dollars that investors feel comfortable taking a punt on Bitcoin,” concluding that:

“If so, cryptocurrency advocates have the central bank to thank for their recent successes.”

Fox Business also noted Bitcoin’s price rise with apparent alarm, and set about warning its readers away from investing in the cryptocurrency by rounding up Bitcoin haters including gold bug Peter Schiff, Roubini Macro Associates CEO Nouriel Roubini, and Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio. The piece quotes Schiff saying it’s “nonsense” to think Bitcoin is better than gold:

“There’s no real use for Bitcoin. All you can do with Bitcoin once you buy it is sell it, but you need somebody else to buy it from you. It’s a massive pump-and-dump.”

Fox quoted Roubini as stating that “crypto is the mother or father of all scams and bubbles,” while Dalio’s past criticisms of volatility and lack of buyer protections were also cited.

The article did not mention that both Roubini and Dalio have recently softened their views towards Bitcoin. Last week, Roubini said the cryptocurrency might be a “partial store of value” because of its limited supply. Earlier this week, Dalio admitted he “might be missing something” about Bitcoin and “would love to be corrected.”

However, there was some support for Bitcoin in the media from an unexpected party — China, a country well-known for its tight stance restricting the digital asset. Chinese state media channel CCTV covered the recent price rally on national TV this week, saying that Bitcoin’s network, development and investment ecosystem are more advanced compared to the 2017 bull market.

CCTV, China’s Official TV Channel: #Bitcoin price surpasses $17.5k, up 70% in less than 50 days. Compared with 2017’s bull market, bitcoin’s network, development and investment eco-system are now far better. The recent rise is driven by institutional funds.

Bitcoin alcança status de celebridade do Game of Thrones star

  • Bitcoin alcança o status de celebridade do Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, que na HBO jogou com Arya Stark.
  • Senhorita. Williams comprou alguma Bitcoin depois de perguntar a seus 2 milhões de seguidores no Twitter se ela deveria dar o mergulho.
  • No poste do Twitter, 900.000 fãs votaram quem pode ou não ter sido o próprio comprador do criptograma.

Bitcoin alcança status de celebridade do Game of Thrones star

Bitcoin alcança o status de celebridade do Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, que na HBO jogou com Arya Stark. Senhorita. Williams comprou parte da moeda criptográfica depois de perguntar a seus 2 milhões de seguidores no Twitter se ela deveria dar o mergulho.

No poste do Twitter, 900.000 fãs votaram quem pode ou não ter sido o próprio comprador da criptocracia. O pólo não a orientava para o criptograma porque 53,4% das pessoas que votaram disseram que ela não deveria comprar Bitcoin.

O laço estreito na votação e os comentários proeminentes do posto devem tê-la convencido a dar o mergulho porque ela o fez. Elon Musk, CEO da Tesla, comentou sobre o post no Twitter dos atores, encorajando-a a usar criptografia usando as referências do Jogo dos Tronos. Ela respondeu perguntando como estava indo o projeto de seu concorrente, a “Origem Azul”.

A Origem Azul é do CEO da Amazônia Jeff Bezos, concorrente do SpaceX.

Outra figura proeminente, o CEO da Galaxy Digital e poderoso comprador de moedas digitais, Mike Novogratz, entrou em detalhes graves sobre os benefícios da Bitcoin Up. O CEO exclamou como ele comprou a BTC quando ela valia $15.800, e está subindo e subindo.

O Sr. Novogratz explicou como agora era um excelente momento para comprar a Bitcoin porque há muito pouca oferta, mas muita demanda, empurrando o preço para cima. Com nomes tão grandes orientando-a em direção à Bitcoin, não é surpresa que ela tenha mergulhado.

Hacker gang announces end to activities, but experts warn of new groups

Maze hacker group, which attacked LG and a research group against the coronavirus, published a statement on Dark Web.

Hacker gang announces end to activities, but experts warn of new groupsNOTÍCIAS

One of the largest ransomware groups, the hacker group Maze, announced on Dark Web the end of its activities, according to the Portuguese publication Exame Informática.

The group had published a communiqué – full of spelling mistakes – in which it announced the decision to close its activities.

The group was one of the most active among hacker attacks, having successfully hacked this year a vaccine and medicine research group against the coronavirus, in addition to the systems of the technology giant LG.

With the systems locked, the group called for rescue to unlock the files, usually in cryptomachs. If payment was not made, hackers would publish the files in a Dark Web repository, the same one that today displays the group’s communiqué.

The article explains the hackers’ actions:

“Initially, Maze hackers used exploitative kits and spam campaigns to target victims, but then went on to exploit known security vulnerabilities to get their way. Another tactic was to attack virtual private networks (VPNs) and also remote computer access servers (RDPs) to reach the networks of the organisations they were targeting”.

Despite the announcement of an end to their attacks, experts doubt that all members will now be “retired” from their criminal behaviour. Brett Callow, Emsisoft analyst, told TechCrunch:

“Maze is run as a network of affiliates, so partners in crime may not comply with the ‘reform’ now announced and choose to regroup and come up under another name”.

Another analyst, Jeremy Kennely of FireEye, agrees that hackers should come under new names, commanding other attacks of the same kind:

“We believe with a high degree of certainty that many of the individuals and groups who have collaborated with the Maze ransomware service will continue to command similar operations – either working with existing ransomware services or supporting new operations in the future”.