Vasco Token succeeds in Bitcoin market and exchange trades R$ 1.2 million of currency on first day

About 1,200 Vasco Token units were sold in only 24 hours.

The launch of Vasco Token last Tuesday (8) was a success in the Bitcoin Market. According to the exchange director, Fabrício Tota, in only 24 hours were traded around $ 1.2 million of the currency created.

Created in partnership between Mercado Bitcoin and Vasco da Gama, in total there are 500 thousand units of Vasco Token. The currency was created as a way to ‘tokenize’ soccer players that were revealed by the carioca club.

Mercado Bitcoin prepares partnership announcement with Vasco da Gama

So, with the unitary value of $ 100, in total were sold 1,200 units of Vasco Token on the first day of trading in the Bitcoin Market. The launch of the currency listing was announced in a live on Youtube, which counted with the presence of the crack Romário.

Bitcoin Market sells R$ 1.2 million

Just on the first trading day Vasco Token surpassed US$ 1 million on sales at Bitcoin Market. With 1,200 units sold to exchange clients, the currency will continue to be traded by the platform.

According to Fabrício Tota, until the end of 2021 the Bitcoin Market expects to trade US$ 10 million in Vasco Tokens. In other words, 100 thousand currency units can still be sold in the next three weeks.

Vasco spends all the sponsorship of R$ 10 million from the Bitcoin Market to pay debts

The director of Mercado Bitcoin says the initiative may attract fans of the Rio club. Thus, Tota hopes that the ‘tokenization’ of players can be used in other soccer teams, besides Vasco da Gama.

“I believe we will exceed 100,000 tokens. Our expectation is to offer a new investment product for customers and fans while offering a smart solution for the finances of Vasco and other clubs in the future”.

Vasco Token is a success

Vasco Token is making a success in the Bitcoin Market, attracting even new users to the exchange. Although part of the holders of the Vasco da Gama currency are fans of the soccer team, Tota points out that former customers also decided to bet on the token.

Mercado Bitcoin and Vasco da Gama announce unprecedented partnership that will token players’ right to sell

Thus, old and new customers of the Bitcoin Market bought Vasco Token for the first time this Tuesday (8). According to the Bitcoin Digital Assets Market project proposal, Vasco Token can offer some kind of return.

“We are not only serving new customers, many people from the customer base liked the token and bought it”.

Romário participated in live about currency

For Fabrício Tota, currencies such as Vasco Token are aimed at investors considered moderate in the market. In this case, these investors prefer to have some kind of “return with some predictability”, differently of the cryptomo currencies, for instance.

“The tokens that we have created at MB Digital Assets reach a new public, more used to investments with a return with some predictability. Cryptoactives bring solutions for all tastes and this is very important, it is really the future, actually the present, of the financial market infrastructure”.

To inaugurate the launch of Vasco Token, the former player Romário was invited to a live of the Bitcoin Market, which also had the presence of Fabrício Tota. Together with the star, Roberto Dinamite and Ricardo Rocha remembered moments of performance in Vasco da Gama.